The inspired team of Astier de Villate, Francoise Caron and the master young perfumers at Takasago, pursues its journey and the heady challenge of transforming the aromas of the world's magical places into candles. Exclusive, natural and pure, these candles exude a delicious aroma whether unlit or burning.They do not contain paraffin or other petrochemical by-products. Their delicate and evenly burning texture is due to a judicious mixture of soy oil, two secret plant ingredients and a tiny bit of beeswax, perfectly miscible with the fragrance.With their braided cotton wick, they burn slowly and perfectly for about 60 hours. they are biodegradable and environmentally sound.
An age -old perfume emenates from the steep lanes of Old Quebec bordered by country homes and secret gardens. Rustic scents of forage plants, the divine aroma of sweet grass - the Amerindian incense - sacred aromatic herb that attracts positive energy and ward off evil spirits.

Late afternoon. The boutique doors open on to the asphalt of Old Paris. An enticing scent immediately floods the premises. A powdery cloud, a few delicate green notes and a jasmine rose accord merge deliciously with the amber and leather atmosphere.
Neon letters on theater billboards flicker everywhere, while below the hustle and bustle of the crowd. Energy is at its peak. A curious effervescent aroma, inspired by the secret formula for the legendary soft drink, refreshing, citrusy and caramelized, delicately stings your nose.
Typical alpine village and aristocratic ski station. Savoring a mulled wine in front  of the famous Hôtel du Mont Rose and watching the Matterhorn's eternal snows, one delights in the fruity emanation of wild berries, cranberries, black currants and blackberries, rounded off with a hint of licorice, that wafts in from the nearby trails.
A spicy plunge into the heart of the old town. Narrow back streets; buildings upon buildings; an overheated atmosphere - a thousand heady flavours rise to your senses: betel, benzoin, musk and myrrh, flushes of smoked wood, vanilla emanations, herbal and eucalyptus beedies.
An air conditioned city of concrete deserves a resolutely futuristic fragrance. Rising in the middle of the endless desert, an airy construct of crunchy green nots, sweet acidic rhubarb, "Rose Oxide" and netallic vibrations. And to top it all off, an unexpected touch of fresh air.
A wild-smelling pilgrimage through the celestial city, bounded by its ramparts. Following the paths to the sacred sites: The Holy Sepulchre, The Wailing Wall, The Garden of Olives. Within the spire of church-incense dissolves the dark and secret emanations of oud, cedar wood and nutmeg, followed by the lighter, more vegetal gum resin and cypress.
Unabashed citrus notes of Mentha cirata, crunchy green-stem notes with fragrant accents, and the instant freshness of eucalyptus recreate a display of fresh herbs, transporting you to the village market.
The splendor of the Palais Garnier. Ballet movements in the Great Hall: entrechats, pas de deux, ronds de jambes upon sumptuous parquet floors, polished with beeswax. Richly upholstered foyers reach to the very roof of the Opera, where thick streams of honey are collected from hives which spread the giddying notes of beeswax absolute, made sublime by minute additions of sandlewood and styrax resin.

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